Book 1


In "Part One: The Valiant Immortal," Jon Loveworthy is "reborn" as a vampire in the early Eighteenth Century after he meets a mysterious man who will become a dear friend and mentor. With the guidance of this man, he learns how to survive and, in turn, brings the charming and courageous Alex Tremain, into the fold as a vampire who will be his most loyal friend through the years.


As Jon and Alex are drawn into the events leading up to the American Revolution, the adventure begins as they become spies and then as soldiers in the Colonial army and march to Yorktown to take part in the great siege that is the turning point that brings the Revolution to its end.


After the war, the first American community of vampires in Philadelphia is founded, and here Jon begins to meet other vampires, most of whom become his friends. But he also learns that there are some vampires who can be dangerous. It is these who will bring the terrible events that will be related in Part Two.




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