Book 2


In "Part Two: The Madness of Heroes," in the Nineteenth Century, Jon and his group are drawn into the opening events of what would become called the war of the vampires as a cruel and murderous group of vampires make their presence known, and among them is a formidable enemy who will bring tragedy and horror into his life. During the grim battles between the groups Jon discovers that heroism has its price.


He encounters love and then a loss that changes his life forever. He becomes a warrior, and a man of great courage and discipline, who will prove himself in the greater events to come.


As the Civil War begins, Jon's friend Alex joins the Union army and proves that he too is a man of courage when he goes to Gettysburg where he experiences three of the deadliest days in American history. After this, life will never be the same for him. He will become a warrior who will fight at Jon's side as the next events in the war of the vampires commence.




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