Book 3


In "Part Three: Riders on the Whirlwind", are the events of the Twentieth Century in which Jon has to go out on his own. As he discovers his own inner strengths, he learns of the heights and depths into which people can be led by power and its corruption. He discovers that friends can be traitors and that enemies aren't always what they seem to be. During this time, he becomes a leader among the vampires, and faces yet more conflicts as his greatest enemy becomes a deadly force to be reckoned with.


But he also learns that love truly is perennial, and that what is lost can return. He also discovers the joy in music and song, as people let go of the old ideals and take on a new freedom of thought and action. He becomes a man of the times and enters fully into the confusing morass of politics, fads and fancies, from the flappers and bathtub gin, when the Charleston was the music of the day, through the war years of the forties when swing was the thing, to the hippies and free love, when Woodstock was the high point for an entire generation.


As the Twenty-First Century begins, he now must deal with the final climatic battle of the war of the vampires that will determine his own fate and the fate of those he cares for. Here is where everything he's learned will come into play in a battle of life and death for the sake of his people.




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